Zoho Projects custom field are missing

  • 16 October 2023
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as described in this post the Zoho Projects integration should now support custom fields: 


But the documentation of zapier says something else as you can see in the screenshot. How can I populate custom fields for Zoho projects or when will this feature be added?


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6 replies

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Hi @tom.mueller, welcome to the Community!

The custom fields would need to be created in Zoho Projects and added to a specific layout. Then you’d select that layout when setting up the Create Project action which should then load in the custom fields that are available for that layout.

For example I added some custom fields to the standard layout in Zoho Projects:
Then it was able to load them in the Zap after selecting that layout:

Can you give that a try and let us know if that allows you to load your custom fields?

Hi @SamB ,

thank you for your answer. After testing for 2 days it seems that the mapping in the integration is not correct. It’s a little bit complicated so I hope I can explain it correctly.

In Zoho Projects there are PROJECT layouts and TASK layouts. In Zapier you only allow to select the task layout but not the project layout. Indeed custom fields do work but only for the standard project layout provided by Zoho. I cannot change the project layout to show the custom fields for the specific project layout. I can change the task layout but this will not change the custom fields displayed in zapier.

In your first screenshot you are editing the standard layout of PROJECT layouts and in the second screenshot you are using the standard layout for TASKS. In fact those are 2 different layouts but they are named the same: Standard Layout. Zapier then updates the UI and displays the custom fields of the Standard PROJECT Layout and therefore it seems to work but it does not work anymore when you add custom PROJECT Layouts with custom fields that are not available in the standard project layout.

As you can see in my screenshot I have 3 project layouts each with unique custom fields and 1 task layout, the standard layout. In zapier I can only change the task layout but this doesn’t change the custom fields displayed in zapier as they are connected to the project layout and not the task layout.

I hope you can still assist me with this problem.

All the best


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Hi there @tom.mueller,

Thank you for your detailed explanation here.

Have you tried using the “Project Template” field to see if it’ll load or use the Project Layouts you have in Zoho Project?

Please keep us posted! 😊

Hi @ken.a,

yes I also tried this but project templates is another feature in Zoho Projects. You can create a new template and tell the template which layout it should use but this is not reflected in zapier. In my opinion Zapier is simply missing the projects layout field in the step setup. Zoho project customization consist of 3 options:

Project Templates:
Task Layout & Fields:
Project Layout & Fields:

The first and second ones are possible to set in Zapier but actually only the last one called project layout is responsible to manage custom fields for the project itself.

Hope you can make this possible in the future or as an alternative add as an action the custom API call to Zoho projects app like you already have for Zoho CRM



Any feedback on this?

All the best


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Hi there @tom.mueller,

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I’m not really familiar with Zoho Projects, and I’m relying on your expertise here. I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team to create a feature request on your behalf for the Zoho Projects integration to support the Project Layout.

You can reach our Support Team here: 

Additionally, the app creator owns and updates that integration so it may be worth it to reach out to them and let them know you'd like to have that feature added. They do have access to the feature requests in our system, but it always helps if they hear directly from their users as well.

Hopefully, this points you to the right direction!