Zoho Projects authorization isn't working after adding the portal name.

  • 28 September 2023
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HI I am trying to configure Zapier to send a slack message when  :


A new task is created in Zoho Projects.


While creating an authorisaton in zapier, it is asking for the Zoho projects Portal name and I am adding it, but after that there is no response and it still says that zoho projects in not authorised.


Will be thankful for any help possible please :) 

5 replies

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Hi @vijay123456 

Good question.

We would need to see screenshots of the UI you are seeing/using and what issues you are having.

Thanks so much Troy for reaching out …kinldy see the attched screenshots please.


After I enter the zoho projects portal name it loops me back to the same page (which says 

This auth is expired. Please reconnect it here.)


thanks so much and reqeusting your help please :) 







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The Portal Name field appears to have an line break that should be removed, and the field likely does NOT expect a URL.


HI Troy, Thanks I have removed the line break and now the below screenhsot...still not able to please help me :)



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The Portal Name field likely expects a name, NOT a URL.