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Zaps for Chrome - revised fields in Trello not recognized in Zap

  • 29 September 2022
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Absolutely love being able to create Trello cards from Google pages. But recently edited Trello fields hoping to attach useful URLs to card to assist team with troubleshooting. For some reason, Zap is not recognizing field changes: does not list new fields added. I’ve refreshed information in Zap several times but new fields are not showing for selection.  Any ideas on how I can fix? Is there a limited to field choices? I only use four out a number a Trello internal fields. So far, I can only link two. Thank. Sande


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4 replies

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Hey there, @Sande! Thanks for reaching out and appreciate you stopping by community!

Hmmm, do you mind clarifying what your trigger is in Google Pages? Also which specific fields in Trello are you referencing?  Any screenshots you’re able to share of your zap setup (with any personal data removed) might be helpful too!

Thanks so much and looking forward to digging into this with you! 🤗


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The team creates Trello cards from Google documents:


Which looks like this in Trello:


But Zapier is only recognizing two of the five custom fields we need:


Maybe the system just needed time to catch up with itself. I did try to refresh input to Zapier several times, but thee fields on bottom never showed within Zapier to input links. 


If you can help, that would be wonderful.  Sande

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Hey @Sande sorry for the trouble here and thanks for all of those details! I understand 3 of your 5 custom fields aren’t showing up. Can you confirm the total # of custom fields enabled in that board are 5 or are there more? Can you also try adding an “Update Card” action right after the “Create Card” action to see if they appear there? Just trying to do some “process of elimination” troubleshooting here. Let us know!

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Thank you for responding. As I hoped might be the case, the system just needed time to refresh. All fields are now showing. Appreciate your time. Thanks.