Zapier not seeing new private channels created

  • 20 January 2023
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Hello, I am trying to set up a zap where if a new private channel is created and it has in its title two keywords, it would send a message to the channel. However, zapier is not recognizing any new private channels i am added to except for the channels i had manually added zapier to, i am not sure how to fix this, it is not even showing an error in the log, it is simply not seeing the new channels and in the channel list in the zap creation itself it is not showing except 3 channels despite me having created more channels to test it out and despite me being added to more channels more recently than those 3 channels appearing. 

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3 replies

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Hi @Tuqa 

Good question.

Check this related topic:


About Slack's Integration

  • Admin/owner permissions - User needs to be a Slack "owner" in addition to being an admin
  • Paid/versioned account - Works for free or paid Slack accounts
  • Custom field support: N/A
  • Partner’s documentation: N/A


Triggers aren’t returning samples

If the New Mention, New Message Posted to Channel, or New Message Posted to Private Channel triggers aren’t returning any samples when testing:

  • You must enter either a user name or highlight word.
    • If both are entered, the user name and highlight word must be included in a message to trigger the Zap.
  • You must create a sample message in the #general channel that includes the user name and/or highlight word.
    • Once you turn the Zap on, it will look for the mention in all public channels, or the specific channel you select.
  • By default, only user messages will be returned as samples when you test your Zap.
    • To trigger from bot messages, you must select "Yes" from the dropdown menu in the Trigger for Bot Messages? field.

so the thing is when testing it does work, but then when i set the automation as published and create a new channel which is the purpose of the automation, to send a message everytime a private channel with certain keywords are created, it doesnt send the message and does not even reflect an error in the history log. it is as if zapier is not seeing the trigger which is the new private channel created and i double checked that the filter i added is correct


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You can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support for further guidance: