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Zapier not populating DocuSign template when there is more than 1 recipient required to sign

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Does anyone know a solution from the problem described below:

The fields will populate with the correct information in a DocuSign template, but only when one recipient is required to do a task in the envelope (sign, etc.).

Once a second recipient is added to complete a task (Sign,etc.)the envelope fields will not populate and requires each recipient to input the information manually into the document.

For example,

I’ve made an envelop template with 2 recipients

  • I’ll test the template with all the fields listed below for 1(RED):
    • Full Name
    • Address
    • Account Type
    • Signature
  • Now, I’ll assign the fields for 2(BLUE):
    • Full Name
    • Address
    • Account Type
    • Signature

Is there something I am overlooking or not doing? Will I need to use an API to have more than 1 signer in a template? If so, is there a good direction for me to look in on how to do that?

Does anyone know if there is this same type of problem with other services like PandaDoc?

All help is appreciated. It might be a simple fix, but I am not sure. 




Best answer by SamB 10 July 2024, 15:50

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Hi there @MBH23 👋

Sorry to here of the troubles with your Docusign Zap. I did some digging and it appears that you’re running into a recently reported bug with the Docusign app on Zapier. I’ve added you to the list of affected users which will help to increase it’s priority and allow us to notify you by email once it’s been resolved by Docusign’s developers.

Wish I had a more immediate solution to provide here. If we come across any potential workarounds we’ll be sure to share them with you here.

Thanks for your patience and please do let us know if there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime! 

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@SamB Thanks for letting me know.

For anyone looking for an alternative solution - PandaDoc works perfectly fine with completing what I’ve described above!

@SamB  please add me to that list as well. Keen to know it is resolved.


How many days ago was it reported with Docusign? 

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Hey there, @jac00schZA 🙂

The bug report was opened on May 29th, 2024. I can’t provide an ETA on when you can expect a fix to be implemented by, but you’ve been added you to the list so you’ll definitely receive an email notification from us once it’s resolved.

@MBH23 - glad to hear you’ve managed to get an alternative solution with PandaDoc up and running in the meantime! 🤗

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Hi @SamB,


Do you have any update on this issue ?

I think I am in the same situation, can you add me into the list ?



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Hi @jczap 👋

I’ve just checked on the bug report and it’s still unresolved at the moment. I’ve added you to the list of folks being affected by this so that we can notify you when a fix is shipped.

Thanks for everyone’s patience in the meantime, hopefully this will be resolved soon.🤞 I’ll be in touch with any updates as soon as I can!

Could you please add me to this list? I’ll check out Panda Doc S well. Thx! 

Could I also be added to this list?  This is a huge pain point for me.

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Hi @MMATT1908 and @Capital Gains Advisory,

I have added you both to the open bug report. We will keep you updated via email once the bug has been fixed.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Hey folks, I’m happy to announce that the Docusign team has recently released an update which should have fixed this issue! 🎉

Please ensure your Zaps are running the latest version of the Docusign app to take advantage of the fix that was released. Check out our Update to the latest app version in Zaps guide for details on how to do that.

And if you’re still running into issues after upgrading please do let us know in the Community or contact our Support team directly and we’ll be happy to assist. 

In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡