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Zapier Manager / Halted Error not triggering when published with null folder and zap

We are using zapier manager for our error management however if you create a new trigger for Halted Zaps and leave the folder and zap set to null when I run the test trigger I get the correct halted zaps that should trigger this error zap.

However when published it is not triggering on any halted zaps at all. If I look in the history it is not firing even though in the zap history I can see the halted zaps and they are being picked up in the test trigger.



Best answer by ken.a 2 June 2023, 04:35

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Welcome to the Community, @Drewberry. Thanks for joining us! 😁

Ah, it looks like this may well be related to a bug that has been discussed before in Community:

It seems there’s a bug where the New Halted Task trigger isn’t always running as expected for halted Zaps. I’ve added you to the list of affected users so we can contact you by email the minute it’s resolved.

In the meantime, are the Zaps halting for the same reason? Like a missing value in a certain field perhaps (like an email address that’s missing for example)? Just wondering if there’s a way we can get around the Zaps halting here using a Filter by Zapier action.

Taking the example of a missing email address, (on the Zap that halts due to a missing value) you could add a filter to check that the email address wasn’t supplied then (Does Not Exist). Then, if an email address was missing, you could have a “Send Email” type of action to send you an email to alert you to the halted Zap that way. The filter would only allow the “Send Email” action to run if that information was missing, so it wouldn’t send emails to you if the Zap didn’t halt.

Do you think that workaround might do the trick? Or does the reason they are halted vary each time on each Zap?

Thanks Sam, I am not worried about the halted zaps they are easily sorted this end.

I just really need to ensure we have decent error logging in zapier as without it is a risk this end. 

Is there any eta when this is going to be fixed?

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Hi @Drewberry,

Just to give you an idea, we don't have a specific timeframe for bug fixes as there are several factors involved.

When we prioritize issues, we consider the bug's complexity, the number of affected users, and the overall scope of the problem. Additionally, the timeframe can vary depending on whether the issue is solely within our control or if we need to collaborate with our partners from other apps to resolve it. So, the timeframe for bug fixes can vary quite a bit.

Rest assured that we have linked your email address to the bug report, and we will keep you updated once the bug gets fixed. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Thanks, I would imagine this is pretty high priority given it is business critical error logging. Hoping you guys get a fix released soon 🤞

@ken.a any update here? Just tried a global notification alert for ALL zaps in the account and noticed it simply never triggered.

So folder should be a required field.

Also highlighting that selecting a parent folder does not recursively trigger on all zaps in the sub-folders

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Hi there @Aldert,

I wanted to let you know that I have added you to the open bug report as another affected member. I understand that you may be wondering how long it will take to fix the bug. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with a specific timeframe as there are various factors that come into play.

When we prioritize issues, we take into consideration the complexity of the bug, how many users are affected, and the scope of the issue.

It also depends on whether the issue is solely within our control or if we need to collaborate with other apps to resolve it. Therefore, the timeframe for resolving the bug can vary.

I appreciate your patience and understanding.

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I reported this issue June 2022 and I’m still waiting for the bug to be fixed! Being able to catch and report errors is a fundamental feature of any application framework. I see there is a new beta Error Handling feature that works at the step level, but being able to handle errors at a Zap or Folder level is much better.

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Thanks for reaching out here @Neil Moses. I’m so sorry that this issue is still unresolved, as soon as it’s been fixed we’ll be sure contact you by email to let you know.

In addition to that feature for setting custom error handling for specific action steps, it’s also possible to configure default or custom (if on a Team or higher plan) error notifications and alerts across multiple Zaps. I know it’s not the same as using the “New Halted Task” trigger but hopefully it will help in the meantime.