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Zapier is adding a new row far below the end of my Excel table

  • 28 November 2022
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HI Everyone 


I have small issue, I have an excel table which I set Zappier to update once task in Asana programme is complete, 

Everything works fine, but for some reason Zappier would add a new row far below where my table ends 

For example my table ends in row 40, but Zappier will add new row somewhere in 400. 

Does anyone know how to tackle this problem. I have tried to delete everything that wad below row 40 just incase I had some of the rows filled, but Zappier would still strart to add row  in a row number 400 instead of the end of the table. 

Thank you 




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4 replies

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Hi @Vovash 


I would recommend you duplicate the table (after deleting everything below row 40) and testing it in the Zap. 

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Does your spreadsheet use any type of column calculations or any type of data value validation (like dropdowns)? I have seen where Zapier confuses this type of set up and interprets empty rows as not empty. 

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@GetUWired @MohSwellam I tried both methods and it working now. My main concern now, if I use formulas in Excel Zappier will assume that this row is filled. Correct? Is there anyway to by pass? Thank you for a help. Appreciate this a lot.  

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Hi @Vovash 


I would keep the sheet clean without any empty rows, because as @GetUWired said, in such case Zapier will consider this row as filled and it will look for where there is no data (i.e.: where the formula stops) then paste the data there. 


You can add the formula in the zap (if that helps) so that whenever a new row is added, the formula is there. 


This topic has a similar approach (although in google sheets) 


HOWEVER, if you use many formula in your excel sheet and will need to keep updating the zap, there are several work arounds (for me, I would use Airtable in such case because Airtable would apply the formula to any new record that is created)