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Zapier Formatter for spreadsheet-style formula is not working

  • 25 November 2022
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I am losing my mind a bit with this one and I am hoping someone can help!

I am using a spreadsheet-style formula with an ‘IF’ statement to get my output.

What I am trying to write is: If the discount % value is null, then put the discount value, otherwise, take discount % divide it by 100 and multiply it by price).


The part I am having trouble with is the multiple it by price. For some reason, if the discount % value is null, it is taking the discount value and multiplying that by price?? I have tried so many different variations of this I cannot figure out why this is happening:


Here is my statement:
IF(“Discount Percentage”=””,Discount,Discount Percentage/100*Price)

I have also tried putting brackets around the false statement component to ensure Discount doesn’t get multiplied by price, alas, it still does!

IF(“Discount Percentage”=””,Discount,(Discount Percentage/100*Price))


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 25 November 2022, 16:47

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Hi @abrow214 

Good question.

Please post detailed screenshots with how your Formatter step is configured in order for us to have full context, thanks.

Hi @Troy Tessalone here is a screenshot:




In this case, the output SHOULD be $5,000. However, the output ends up being 549750 (a result of zapier taking 5000 dividing it by 100 and multiplying it by 10995).

When I got to test it, it briefly shows it computing like this:


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Alternatively, you can use a Code step.


let DiscountValue = inputData.DiscountValue;
let DiscountPercent = inputData.DiscountPercent;
let Price = inputData.Price;

let Discount = DiscountValue;

if (DiscountPercent) {
Discount = (parseFloat(DiscountPercent)/100) * parseFloat(Price);

if (!DiscountPercent) {
DiscountPercent = "";

output = [{Discount, Price, DiscountPercent, DiscountValue}];


RESULTS w/ DiscountPercent


RESULTS w/o DiscountPercent


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From testing, it appears the spreadsheet style formula doesn’t like when there is no value before the / in the false condition.



Thank you so much @Troy Tessalone this was the only solution that worked!