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Zapier failing to pull recent data entries from PostgreSQL for a Shopify App

  • 18 July 2022
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Hi all,

I have an issue with data parsing through on my Zap. Here’s a bit of backstory to what we’re trying to do:

  1. Someone installs our FREE Shopify App
  2. They either stay on the FREE aspect or enter into a FREE TRIAL of a PAID plan we offer.
  3. Regardless, we want to notify a Slack channel when both of these steps occur (or only the free install if that’s all that happens).

At the moment, all of our data is stored within a secure PostgreSQL database. The Zap contains one Trigger being, when a new row is created within “plans” in the database, it retrieves the plan name and plan amount along with a customer ID.


Next, we use an Action function for PostgreSQL to search within the Users database using the customer ID to locate that customer’s information such as email/store name/location etc. We marry the two steps above and send a Slack notification to a channel that outlines plan name, price, customer ID, their store name and so on.


I have successfully set up the Zap and have tested it and all seems to work. However, it is only pulling the tests we did back in April and no other customers since then (in which we’ve had a mix of both free and paid app installers). The data from April works perfectly and we can see where it matches the two bits of data based on customer ID but every time I try to refresh the trigger/action it doesn’t pull the recent entries.


Any idea why this may be please? Happy to sit on a call with someone to demonstrate this a bit better.


Thanks so much in advance!


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Hey there, @OptilyHQ! Thanks for reaching out and explaining this so thoroughly! We definitely want to help.

Are you using the “New Row (Custom Query)” or the “New Row” trigger? If it’s the Custom Query trigger it may be worth checking that the query is ordered by “Most Recent Records”. It may only be showing the oldest records and we’re losing the data from the more recent ones.

Let us know if not and we’re happy to keep digging into this with you!