Zapier doesn't see the ClickUp relationship field for contact updates.

  • 19 December 2023
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Hey, wondering if anyone can help me.


I have an automation setup to create a new lead in Clickup when a form is filled in on my website. I use Clickup as my main CRM, with a pretty good CRM layout I found online.


In the first step within Clickup, it creates a task under a Lead task list, with all the data from the form (which goes to a Google Sheets first). There’s then a separate tasks list called Contacts, which I’ve setup a zap to create a specific contact, which again is fine and working great. 


The problem is, the CRM has a load of other features which requires the contacts and leads to be separate, and I need to then link the two back together. In Clickup, it suggests that I create a new field within the Lead task, called “Contact” and set this as a relationship field, which I can then link to the new Contact that’s been created.

However, Zapier can’t seem to see this relationship field to update? I created a normal text field as a test, which is can see fine.


I want to update this field with the new contact task, but something doesn’t seem quite right!

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Hi @podshoponline 

Some Zap apps don’t work with certain field types or custom fields.

You may have to explore using ClickUp Automations to link those records.

You can also try using the AI to configure a custom action: