Zapier Date Formatter Incorrect Output: 08-12-2023 formatted as 19-08-2023

  • 19 December 2023
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I am transferring data from Asana to Google Sheets and since Asana provides the date like “Dez. 8 2023” I have been using the Date / Time Formatter by Zapier to turn it into 08-12-2023.

This has been working fine for the past two years but since about a month or two ago we are experiencing issues.

Zapier is changing the date when formatting and I haven’t been able to solve this issue.

This is the setup:


And this is the output:


The output is 19-08-2023 instead of 08-12-2023. I haven’t changed anything in the past two years and don’t know why it has suddenly stopped working.

I have tried setting the “From” field to “MMM DD YYYY” but it didn’t change the output. I have also tried removing the TO and FROM timezone so that both default to UTC but no luck.

Does anyone have an idea of how to solve this?

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Hi @Yusuf 

Try setting a From Format.

It may be that the Month format (e.g. Dez.) is not being properly recognized.