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Zapier can´t find the subfolder of an S3 bucket

  • 4 December 2022
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I would like to copy newly created files within the subfolder of one of my S3 buckets to Google Drive. 


Unfourtunately I can just see the S3 bucket but not the subfolders. If I upload any File in the S3 bucket or it´s subfolders, the Zapier doesn´t recognize it when I want to test the step. 


Can anybody help me with that? 


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4 replies

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Hi @ali_capo 

Good question.

Help article:

I want to add files to a folder

In Amazon S3, folders are designated by the key name.
For example, if you upload a file with the key images/sample1.jpg then it will show in the Amazon S3 console as a file sample1.jpg inside a folder images.

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Hey there @ali_capo, I can confirm that it appears we can support this by the method Troy mentioned.  Feel free to give that a shot whenever you have a chance, and let us know if that sorts this out for you if you had the time -- we would love to hear back!

Thank you for the hints! 

Unfourtunately, I can´t see any files within the bucket or subfolders. I already tried it with different areas. 

Would be interested to hear, if you have any idea why it doesn´t work. 

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Hi @ali_capo 

I’m sorry that you’re still running into this issue. I can see that you’ve been in touch with the Support Team and they identified that you’re running into a bug. Some users have mentioned that changing their bucket location to N California fixed this issue. In one case I know that a user has said moving the bucket didn't work - but creating a new bucket in N. California did.

We’ll update this thread when we have an update on this bug:


In case anyone is running into a similar problem, here are a few things to check in case your issue is related to this and not the bug. :

Is your bucket in a different region than the one you selected when connecting your S3 account to Zapier? If so, you will need to reconnect and select the matching region.

Note that often (depending on the security policy of the S3 account you have connected to Zapier), we are able to see buckets from regions other than the selected region, but we are not able to interact with them. For example, if you have a bucket in US East (Ohio) (which is us-east-2), you may be able to select that bucket in a drop-down, but if you selected us-east-1 when you connected your account, we won't be able to upload files to that bucket.

AWS has documentation on their region names here if you aren't sure which numerical region your bucket resides in:


And as Troy noted, you can add files to subfolders by changing the name of the file:

In Amazon S3, folders are designated by the key name.
For example, if you upload a file with the key images/sample1.jpg then it will show in the Amazon S3 console as a file sample1.jpg inside a folder images.