Zapier billing issue causing account downgrade and workflow disruption

  • 13 October 2023
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We have been subscribers for many years. It seems there was a billing problem charging our card on October 3rd and the payment failed. Users didn’t get an email alert and yesterday our plan was downgraded from Teams to Free, which has caused a major disruption to our workflows: many of our zaps have been turned off automatically with no previous notification.

We immediately updated the credit card details and tried to update the plan but it keeps saying that the payment failed. We’ve tried to reach support and sales but no reply so far. The website bot is rubbish and finding the contact form through millions of questions is a nightmare. All Zapier emails show a “we’re happy to help” message. Are you sure that true?


We can see that Zapier has issued two invoices on the same day (October 3rd) for different amounts so our guess is that we are being charged twice for no reason. We weren’t notified either of this price increased.


This is unacceptable. We would appreciate it if someone from Zapier can contact us asap to fix all this.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you urgently.

3 replies

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Hi @Bookuser 

Good question.

Billing issues must be handled by Zapier Support:

@Troy Tessalone thank you for your reply! I’ve tried to contact them several times but they don’t reply. Also I’ve tried to find a support email address but all the previous ones don’t work anymore.

So this is still an issue and Zapier does not give us a solution, which I think it would be simple: just process our payment for the latest invoice.

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Zapier Customer Support service levels are outlined here: