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Zapier and Integrately: Question About Potential Facebook Lead Conflicts

  • 14 October 2022
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Hi, I have a question about Facebook Lead Ads integration, but it comes from a basic lack of understanding of how the integration works in the backend.

I’ll start with the issue:

We are currently using Integrately to send Facebook Leads to various places, and the client wants to move to Zapier. However, we need to keep the Integrately feeds running while we set up Zapier.

I would like to know if there will be any conflict having both Integrately and Zapier accessing the same Facebook account, and the same Leads forms.


As mentioned above, I don’t know how the actual integration works. Would letting Zapier access the lead form data somehow prevent other things from accessing it?


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Hi @MattKennedy 

Good question.

Make sure to check out the available help articles for using FB Lead Ads in Zaps:

Sometimes the only way to know is to configure and test.

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Hey there @MattKennedy !


Checking out the Lead Ads API documentation, I am about 90% sure that each Lead Ad Form is limited to a single subscription URL based on what I can see in these documents here:


As Troy mentioned, a lot of edge cases like this Zapier does not have documented since no one has asked before!  To test to see if my comprehension of those API docs is correct, I would recommend finding a form in your account that is still active but is not actively receiving inbound leads in your Lead Ads admin pages.  Set up an automation in the Integrately app and then make a new Facebook Lead Ads Zap and configure it to subscribe to the same form.

Then send through a test lead and see if data comes through to both endpoints.  I presume the only Zapier will see this record if the 1 subscription limit actually exists (...or FB might return an error saying that there is “no more room” to subscribe).  Let us know if you had any more Qs!

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Thank you both for the replies.

@RALaBarge It appears you are correct. I connected to the Facebook account that Integrately was already using, and leads stopped going into the areas set up in Integrately, and we had to reconnect Integrately to Facebook to get them working again.

So it appears it can only handle one connection at a time. That’s going to make testing the Zapier stuff awkward.

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Thanks for letting us know @MattKennedy , I am going to add a note to our internal guides to make sure we know that for sure moving forward.

While you cannot use both the Integrately and Zapier triggers at the same time, you should still be able to connect your Facebook Lead Ads account to Zapier without impacting the Integrately workflow and pull in sample data that you can use to set up the Zap.  When you tested this out, did you set up a test Zap and then turn it on and that stopped the data flow to Integrately or did you just connect the account and saw that issue?  I presume you would need to turn that on for that to happen, but that is just my guess.

If you were to set up a Facebook Lead Ad trigger in a Zap and connect your account and pull in your trigger sample, you could immediately go back to Integrately and reconnect to keep the data flowing there and have everything you need tin Zapier to test out the Zap.  We would not need an active connection in the Zap to FBLA with this method (just avoid going into that step and retesting or changing the trigger configuration).

Another way you could try to do this would be to have Zapier redirect a webhook to Integrately by using the Webhook by Zapier actions.  You could have Zapier start catching these, and send the data to your current provider as well -- but I know you are trying to test out Zapier to determine if we are right for you so this is kind of opposite of what you want in the end =D

Hopefully this gives you some ideas! 

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Hi @RALaBarge,

The Zap was never turned on, only used in testing.

As a quick rundown: Our client wants to use Zapier to grab their Facebook Leads and push them to their CRM, however their CRM Zapier integration is still in beta, so they want us to test it works correctly before moving forwards with it.

That means that we will have to keep re-testing the Zap to make sure all the fields are going where they are supposed to.

When I connected to their Facebook account, I connected directly to the currently active Lead form. After I realised this had stopped the Integrately leads going through to where they are supposed to, I removed that action and replaced it with an action for one of the older inactive forms, however it still pulls in the test data from the active form. I’m not sure why that is.

It may have been just connecting to their Facebook account that broke the Integrately connection, or it may have been connecting directly to the currently active form that broke it.

I haven’t done any more testing yet, as we are still waiting to hear from the makers of the CRM integration with answers to some questions I had for them, but once I do, I’ll make sure to keep an eye on Integrately as well so I can work out exactly what does and doesn’t break the connection.

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Hey @MattKennedy just stepping in for Ryan here! That makes a lot of sense. If anything else comes up once you have the opportunity to do some testing again, feel free to create a new post, reference this one, and we’d be happy to keep working through this with you!

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Hi all, this is just a follow-up to close out this post.

We have successfully set up Zapier on the client’s account to send their Facebook leads into both their CRM and Google sheets.

When doing more testing I kept a steady eye on both the Zapier and Integrately interactions, and I had no troubles at all with them interacting poorly with each other. I was able to connect Zapier to the same form as Integrately, and both of them fed the form data as they were supposed to (even feeding into the same Google sheet so we had double-ups of data while both were running [this was the expected, and hoped for, outcome]).

So, I don’t know what it was that caused the initial issue of the broken Integrately connection. Maybe it was Zapier, or maybe it was something completely unconnected and just bad timing?

Either way, we eventually had both Zapier and Integrately running on the same forms at the same time without issue. I suggest if others are going to try this, just make sure to monitor each of them for a time to make sure things continue working as they are supposed to.