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Zap will not fire

  • 7 November 2022
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what am I missing.

I have connected Facebook leads to Kajabi through Zap.

The testing action works like a charm.

I publish the zap and when it's supposed to run for a new lead it fails me.

Why is the test working and the zaps not going through afterward? What am I missing?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 7 November 2022, 15:35

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Hi @Nectaria 

Good question.

I’m receiving new leads in Facebook, but my Zap is not running

If you have leads in Facebook that were received after turning your Zap on, but the Zap is not being triggered, these are the possible causes:

1. Check your account permissions

Check the Page, Ad Account and Lead Access permissions for your Facebook account. The account must have admin permissions for these three areas. Find out how to grant these permissions. Once the permissions are set, reconnect Facebook Lead Ads to Zapier to ensure the changes are visible.

2. Check if the correct form is selected

If you have changed the name of your form or if you created a new form, this can affect the Zap. On the Set up trigger section, re-select the form on the dropdown menu to refresh your settings.

3. Check if CRM access for Zapier is properly set

Zapier requires CRM access to your lead ads. This is usually automatically set when you connect your Zap, but it may be accidentally removed or revoked. To check if this is the case, you can use the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool.

If the tool reports a 103 error - CRM access has been revoked from Lead Access Manager, this means that Zapier needs to be given access again. In this case, reset the Facebook Leads Access CRM permissions.

Once that's done, create a new connection for Facebook Lead Ads, to ensure the Zap gets the most recent set of permissions​​​​.

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Hi @Nectaria 

How are you getting on with your Zap? Did @Troy Tessalone’s suggestion help here?

If you need some more help, please let us know!