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Zap Turned Off Trigger - how to use in teams?

  • 5 July 2022
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I’d like to use the “Zap Turned Off” event trigger (under Zapier Manager), but how do I get past what I guess is a user/team issue?

My boss and I both create zaps. I have my own login and create zaps in shared folders (that he has shared with me). In the “Set up trigger” box I’ve selected his account (and left the folder and zap fields blank).

The problem: it only fires when zaps that I’ve created are turned off. Can this not be changed to trigger when any zaps in the shared folders are turned off? I realise that it gets a bit hairy when considering that I might have private zaps, and he might also, so which then cause the trigger to fire? Are there no team options for this trigger?


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Hi @nicolas_goosen!

Currently it’s only possible to use the Zap turned off Trigger with Zaps that you own, as opposed to Shared Zaps. 

We do have a feature request to be able to use it with team Zaps and I’ve added you as an interested user. This lets the team know how many folks would like to see this addition and also means that we’ll send you an email when we have an update. Thanks!