Zap Tumblr New Tagged Post trigger not working for reblogs?

  • 5 October 2023
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I set up a Zap with the Tumblr trigger of “New Tagged Post.” As I understand it, this should trigger if a post is created with a specific tag. Does this only work for completely new posts, or can it be set up to trigger if someone reblogs a post and adds a certain tag?

5 replies

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Hi @verersatz 

Good question.

The best way to know for sure it to configure and test.


I did configure it and I haven't been able to get that Zap to work so I was wondering if this could be the reason 

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The trigger description says: Triggers when a new post is created on any blog with a specific tag you choose.


NOTE: The Zap trigger is scheduled, which can take from 1-15 minutes to fire, depending on your Zapier plan.


Yes, I was asking whether new post means only a post that is brand new to Tumblr or if it also applies to posts newly added to a blog by reblogging 

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Hi @verersatz,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

I haven’t tried out any Tumblr integration, but based on the description of the “New Tagged Post in Tumblr” trigger, this will only work on new posts.

Hopefully, my response provided you some insights on this one. 😊