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Zap runs successfully but fails to change the column value in

  • 20 February 2023
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Hi Zapier community, 

I am trying to run the following zap: 

Trigger: New Open/Click Event in Mailgun

Action: Change Multiple Columns Value in Monday.Com

I have set up an email with a clickable button through HTML. 

My problem is when I test the zap on the specific item it works - it changes the desired column value in Monday. 

But when I run the zap “organically” meaning sending out the email from Monday and clicking the button in the email nothing happens in Monday. And the main issue is that Zapier states that the zap runs successfully - So I can’t determine why the status column in my Monday board doesn’t change. 

Hope you can help sort it out. 


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Hi @AB98, welcome to the Community!

I can see that you also reached out to the Support Team about this and they’ve replied. I’ll share some of what they explained below:


If you'd like the Zap to change the values of multiple columns for different items, depending on the data sent from Mailgun, we'll need to first find the ID of the item that should be updated, so we can map this value dynamically. You should be able to do this by adding a step to Get Item by Column Value in, before the step to Change Multiple Columns Value in 
You can also read more about find/search steps here:

In the step 3. Change Multiple Columns Value in, the Zap is still configured to change the column values for the 'Test' item that was selected. To make sure it updates the item that corresponds to the email that triggered the Zap, you'll want to dynamically map the ID of the item that was found in the second step as the Item ID, like this:


I hope that’s all clear and if you need any more help, it’s best to continue with the Support Team at this point as they have more context. One other quick thing - we are super happy to help anyone in the Community, but it helps us if people don’t send a ticket to support at the same time as posting in the Community, as we often then double up on work.