Zap not triggering Google Drive -> Basecamp

  • 24 March 2023
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Hi everyone.

I wanted to setup Zap so that anytime a file is uploaded in a specific Google Drive folder a Todo in a Basecamp is created.

Seems a pretty straightforward thing to do and tests pass and that initial todo is created but when I upload file in my Google Drive nothing happens. Even if I run it manually, it just says that it didn’t find new files.

I thought that it might be because of a dynamic name I wanted to create, so I used just a default name, “New Todo”, and it still doesn’t work.

Any help is appreciated.

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1 reply

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Welcome to the Community @SrdjaNo1. So glad you could join us! 🙂

It sounds like the Zap isn’t “seeing” the new files that are being added into Google Drive so I wouldn’t have thought that the name of the Todo you’re creating in Basecamp would be the cause of the issue. I suspect the issue may lie with the file itself. 

I know the New File in Folder trigger can be bit selective on when it will trigger on certain types of files. For example if it’s a file that’s being directly uploaded into the folder then it should trigger. But if the file is uploaded and then moved into the folder then it won’t necessarily trigger (depends on the type of file and when it was last modified). You can learn more about this here: Not all my files are triggering my new file in folder Zap.

Is the folder one that you own, or is it one that has been shared with you? If it’s one that’s been shared then the Zap won’t ever trigger in which case you’d need to connect the Zap to a folder that you own in order for it to see the files that are being uploaded into it.

Hopefully that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. Please keep us updated on how you get on with this, keen to ensure you’re all set here!