Zap not sending data through.

  • 8 November 2022
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I’ve created the following zap:


Here each column on the spreadsheet defines the value for each field in the collection, and everything seems to work great.


However, the collection list in Webflow has some “reference” fields, and it seems that the data does not go through because I suppose the column is sending text, and can’t pick an option from the references even if it match the word.


How can I do this? Link a column to a reference field in Webflow.

2 replies

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Hi @EthanSuero 


First, to know which value Zapier is expecting in any field, it would be the value marked in light grey under the name. Check this post for a video tutorial on that (attached is also a screenshot for easy reference)



Now that you know which value Zapier is expecting, in case its the item ID not Name (which its most probably is) you have several options: 


  1. Create the Lookup Table in Zapier (under Formatter by Zapier > Utilities). This would work in case your items dont change that much, because each time an item is added / updated / deleted, you will need to go into the zap and update it
  2. Create all your items in a Google Sheet or Airtable, then have the Trigger become New Record in Airtable, Action would be Create Item in Webflow. which then can return the Item Id back to Airtable (using an Update Record action) 
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@EthanSuero wow, Moh gave an excellent answer above! Is there any clarification you need to be successful with this Zap?