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Zap not able to read SMS from Dialpad

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I am trying to send an SMS to RingCentral whenever my Dialpad receives a new message. When setting up the trigger in  Dialpad it seem not to read the previous SMS that my account received. When I test the trigger this is the only SMS that my zap is returning: 


Though, I have different SMS from my Dialpad account. Can anyone help me with this problem?


Thanks in Advance!


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Hiya, @InsuranceBeaux! Thanks for reaching out. 

Hmmm, if you haven’t already do you mind trying to send yourself a new SMS and hitting that load more button to see if a new sample pulls through? Here’s a quick help doc on how to pull in new sample data. 


If it’s still not triggering, feel free to share a screenshot of the setup portion of this step and we can dig in a bit more with you! 🙂

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Hi @InsuranceBeaux!

Did Christina’s suggestion help you to find a sample for your Zap?

I have this exact same issue!!!!! Does the test one say something about it being a nice summer day or a nice winter day?! So Weird!

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Hi @Lucenti!
Are you able to set the Zap up using that sample, then turn on the Zap and go back into it after it has successfully run at least once? Sometimes that helps “unclog” the sample data, which can then pull in a recent sample from your account?

Or, if you can set up the Zap using the sample then there may be no need to edit the Zap after publishing it.

@nicksimard I tried that but it still pulls the same data. Also it seems even though in the Dialpad test data there is a field on the data out for the body of the message but it is not actually sending when the zap is initiated once published. 

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@nicksimard I’m having the same issue.

So here’s the deal. The Zapier to Dialpad integration seems to only be able to pull sample SMS data of SMS don’t actually exist in your Dialpad instance. It can only pull in a sample text where the message is “It is a nice summer day”. Ok that’s fine. But once i set up the Zap and publish it and then text the Dialpad number, most of the fields work EXCEPT the actual text message aka the “Message Content”. It’s blank in my Slack instance. So the other fields work like “From Number” “To Number” etc but not the actual text message. Am i selecting the wrong “Data Field”? I’m pretty technical and just feel it isn’t working or something is wrong on your end. 


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Hi @montrey 


a good way to troubleshoot this is to turn on the zap, send a message to dialpad (preferably from another number, not your dialpad account) and see what happens to the zap in zap history. We can then take it from there. 

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Any update on this? We’re having the same exact issue. Zapier sees that a text event occurred and has the phone number but not the actual message body.

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We are still having the same issue. 

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@montrey - Not sure if this helps you or not, but we used Dialpad’s integration with Slack.

The downside, at least from what I can tell, you can’t use individual agent numbers, has to be a department number.


Hi there - I am having the same issue. Was anyone able to fix this?


I know this thread is ancient, but it’s still coming up in Google search results & this may be helpful to someone.


Dialpad says

Note: By default, SMS text content is not included in events to ensure data privacy. If you are using API keys, please create a new key and add the 'message_content_export' scope to enable this. For OAuth apps, contact and request the message_content_export OAuth scope.


Haven’t figured out how to fix it yet.



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Hi there,

I seems to have the same issue but also for “calls” - only test data is displayed.


Could anyone help?

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Hi folks! 👋

It seems like there’s two issues going on here. One where real data isn’t being pulled in as a test record and one where the fields selected from the sample test record differ from what is received when the Zap runs live.

I couldn’t find any existing feature requests for the ability to have real instead of sample test data returned. So I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team to have a feature request opened up for this on your behalf. 

I did some further digging and found that we’ve got a bug report open the second issue where the fields selected from the test record are different from what is seen when the Zap runs live. So I’ve gone ahead and added everyone in the thread here to that bug since it would likely affect all of you. 

In the meantime there’s a workaround you can try that involves using custom pill mapping to manually select the fields, instead of selecting them from the sample test record. You can find out more about how to do that here:

I can’t give any ETA on when the bug will be fixed by but we’ll be sure to notify you all by email as soon as it is! 🙂