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Zap isnt triggering or running automatically.

  • 13 May 2024
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I created two step zaps to send message on telegram when I receive new email on gmail. In the first step, I put new mail as a trigger and inbox as a label, and in the second telegram option, I created a new bot, set it up and  tested it. It worked, but later, when I published it I did not get any messages on telegram whenever I received new emails, and the zap only worked when I manually ran it. 

Why my Zap is not working automatically or did I wrong trigger and why its only running when ran manually?




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Hi there @Aman,

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The “New Email” trigger is a polling trigger. "Polling" refers to the type of Trigger used in a zap. There are two different types of Trigger at Zapier: "Instant" and "Polling". 

  • Instant means that the zap will Trigger as soon as there is new data. 
  • Polling means that Zapier checks the triggering app at regularly set intervals, and only runs your Zap when new information is found. The interval it uses to check for data depends on your Zapier plan. The shorter the interval, the faster new data will come through the Zap.

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More about types of triggers in Zaps here:

Hopefully, this helps!