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Zap is pulling the wrong tag from Kajabi and duplicating offers for ActiveCampaign.

  • 15 September 2022
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I’ve been trying to set up a zap from Kajabi to Activecampaign in both of the following ways and neither of them is working correctly:

  1. When a tag gets added in Kajabi as the first trigger. It keeps pulling the wrong tag. It was a new tag I added today but I waited for over an hour after I added it and it’s still pulling the wrong tag for the test. 
  2. When a purchase happens in Kajabi as the first trigger. There are 2 offers in Kajabi with almost the same name but there is a slight difference. However, Zapier keeps giving me the option of 2 offers with the exact same name. The ID #s are different but I can’t tell which is which.

I’ve done both of these types of zaps before without this problem.


What is going on?


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Hi @nd108!

I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with your Zaps, it sounds frustrating especially as you’ve made similar Zaps before!


For number 1, there is a known issue where when testing the Tag added trigger, it doesn’t always pull the correct tag. In these cases, we’ve seen it work correctly when the Zap is live. Could you try turning on that Zap to see if it will trigger from the correct tag? I appreciate that this is a frustrating way for the Kajabi trigger to behave and we do have an issue report open about this. I’ve added you as an affected user to let the Kajabi team know how many people are running into this issue. 


For number 2, can I check that I understand what you’re saying? Do you mean that in the trigger step, the Zap gives you a drop down to choose the offer that will trigger the Zap? If that’s the case, you should also see the IDs of the offers underneath the names:


When you look at the two deals with the same name, can you identify them by the ID? You mentioned that the two offers have different IDs, can you find those IDs in Kajabi so you know which deal to pick for the trigger?


Let us know if you have any questions!

I was able to get the zap working with the tags, just testing with a different tab. I was concerned about using this method in case the person received an email immediately but the automation had a wait period before anything happened so it worked out.


I don’t know where to find those ID numbers in Kajabi but since the zap with the tag worked, I didn’t look any further into this. 


Thank you for your help!

I figured this out and hope it will help you too.


I have a bunch of offers that are so similar in the name, and it comes up as the same offer name over and over again. This is so frustrating. But I figured out how you can use those offer IDs.

Visit the Kajabi offer you want to use for your Zap, and in the URL you will see the offer ID. 


I hope that helps!