Zap is not triggering on Gmail label addition despite successful tests.

  • 23 October 2023
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Hello, I need help with this zap. 

It is triggered when an existing email in gmail gets a label, which then sends data to a spreadsheet. The test data works perfectly but when I go to add the label to an email, the zap does not work. 

Here is a loom


3 replies

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Hi there @ipatrona,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I apologize for the troubles with your Zap.

Before we dive deeper into this, could you please try reconnecting your Gmail account here:

Additionally, the “New Label” trigger is a polling trigger, the polling interval or update time is the frequency that Zapier will check your trigger apps for new data. The polling interval varies between 1 to 15 minutes based on different pricing plans.

For example, if you're on a Free plan, Zapier will check your trigger app for new data every 15 minutes. It can therefore take up to 15 minutes for a Zap to be triggered after the trigger event happens.

Please keep me posted!

Hi Thanks @ken.a  

I am on the paid plan. 
I just reconnected my gmail. 


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Check your Zap Runs history for activity/issues.