ZAP is creating multiple trails while sending email

  • 10 February 2024
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To automate our sales Gmail inbox we created multiple step zap but unexpectedly it is running multiple times after some odd 6-7 days.

Step 1- The Email is labeled in Gmail inbox.

Step 2- A filter to stop zap run on our email replies to the customer.’

Step 3- While adding the Raw snippet the mail body was incomplete while acknowledging the email and the concerned person could not see the complete email a formatter was added so that regardless of spaces and symbols it detects the text and includes the body in the send email function.

Step 4- It replies to the customer and ccs the concerned person so that the email is automatically is sent to the concerned salesperson.

Step 5- It creates an automatic deal in the Pipedrive 

Step 6- Add a note in the deal and it contains the email from the customer.


Now the issue we are facing is that the zap is running again after a week or so and it is completing the whole cycle and another trail, another deal is created in the Pipedrive. We are a little clueless about what is creating the loop?


1 reply

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Good day, I think to properly help it would be best if you provided screenshots of the actions within the steps, especially 3, 4 and 5.

Other than that, it could be useful to go through your zap history and see if there are any errors or failed attempts. They could provide more details on why it is repeating them.