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Zap including Jotform integration, connecting to Jotform account failes


Ik try to set up a Zap that is triggered in Google Sheet (when a new row is added) to JOTFORM (Then create a new subscription in Jotform. Now setting up the Zap, the attempt to connect to my Jotform account (EU so I answered ‘yes’ to the privacy questions) failed all the time. 

Anyone any idea what I could do to fix this?

Your réponse would be highly appreciated.

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Best answer by Troy Tessalone 1 July 2022, 17:02

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Hi @Luc100 

Good question.

Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support for additional assistance:


Admin/owner permissions: Sub-user accounts can run into permissions errors with fetching data and it may be necessary to get access to the main account.

European users will need to select "Yes" when asked "Do you use European Datacentres?" while connecting their accounts.

Thx for the tip. I have solved the issue by now. Zap is running perfect… Thx again for your effort and commitment