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Zap for automatically uploading from Zoom to Google workspace isn't working as I need

  • 16 May 2023
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So we have zoom accounts and we need to automatically upload recordings from zoom to Google Workspace shared Disc. I set up the zap but the recording keeps ending up in My disc which isn’t convenient as we need it in the Shared disc so it will be available to other people who have access and so I don’t need to move it manually from My disc to that Shared disc. Any ideas about this? Thanks


Best answer by SamB 16 May 2023, 14:44

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Welcome to the Community @Veronika! 🙂

When you say “Shared disc” are you referring to a shared drive or folder in Google Drive?

If yes, it should be possible to upload files to a shared drive on Google Drive. Looking at the Upload File action it mentions that if a drive isn’t selected then it will default to your personal Google Drive:

Do you think that might be what’s happened here? If so, can you try selecting the shared drive in that Drive field instead and let us know if that gets it working correctly?

If not, and the shared drive was already selected, try clearing the selected drive from the Drive field then reselect the shared drive. It could be that there was a change to the drive that caused the Zap to become disconnected or unable to find it, in which case that could be why it’s defaulting to your personal drive. So reselecting the shared drive should help to get the Zap adding files to the correct folder.

And if it’s not Google Drive that you’re using can you confirm what app you’re using in the Zap to upload the files?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

So this is Google Workspace - our company Google Workspace, not personal Google account, therefore the different terminology. In Google Workspace are Shared Discs that aren’t owned by me but I have full access (the owner is the organisation in general, not any actual account). So therefore I am actually wondering if Zap will work in the Shared disc if I am not the owner.

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Hi @Veronika -

Jumping in to see if I can help! I did some digging as well, and like Sam, I haven’t come across anything indicating that this isn’t possible. Were you able to try the recommendations Sam gave above? What were the results of that? 

And can you please confirm what type of file you are uploading from Zoom?

Thanks a lot. So it finally worked and I feel stupid, because it was simply that I also had to add a folder, it wasn’t enough to choose a Disc but also a folder. It was .mp4 files.

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So glad you got it up and running, @Veronika! Thanks for letting us know!

We’re here to help so no need to feel anything but accomplished. 👏🏽 Let us know if you have any other questions!