Zap filtered (not pass) is counting as Task count

  • 24 October 2022
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Hi, I've already sent an email to the support but maybe I'm missing something.

I've a Zap that is triggered for any update on a Order in Booqable integration. And at the beginning (first step) is a filter that let continue or not. What I'm seeing is that the trigger or the filter (not passing) is counting as task against my monthly quota.

Here is my Zap as my first step (after the trigger that is NOT counted like is mentioned here:

Here is the beginning of the Zap:


Here is my Zaps Runs History:


You can see that the "Delete Venda (Sale) no CA" has almost all the 2K tasks counts. But 99,99% of those don't pass the first filter and it's stopped. Either way is counting as tasks against my quota and should not.

Am I missing something?


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8 replies

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Hi @Lucas Saldanha 

Good question.

Check your Zap Runs to see the # of Tasks used for each Zap Run.

On the right side for each Zap Run you’ll see the number of Tasks used.

You can troubleshoot by finding Zap Runs that were filtered in Step 2 which should show 0 Tasks used.



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Hi Troy, how are you? Thank you for you reply!

The screenshoot I've added (the second one) shows 1579 like you've mentioned.

That's why I'm opening up a thread here (and plus sending an email to Zapier).

Those are 99,9% tasks filtered in the first step (well, second if you count the trigger as the first). You can see this on my last screenshoot. It shouldn't count as tasks, but it IS counting.
Just to demonstrate, like I've posted above it showing 1579 tasks in the period of 24 days (1st through 24th of October) and if you go inside the runs of the zap and filter for the successful ones there's only 52 tasks counted. Below is the screenshoot, there's no other page, that's it, everything in one page. All other filters shows 0 tasks. So it's definitely something strange.

Here are all the others status. This is almost all 0 tasks with 384 pages (there's some stopped/erroed with tasks but a few only)

But let look from another angle. In order to maintain my integrations I was forced to upgrade to 5k. Only today I've already used 671 tasks.


Look at my list of successful:

4 pages, each page containing at most 10 and each run containing more or less 7 tasks runned, so 280 totally.
The list of Stopped/Errored is 39. From 319 to 671 is a lot, all those Filtered had to have a lot of tasks in them (and they don't).


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@Lucas Saldanha 

Some things to check…


You’re analysis for the Zap Runs from Today (10/24) is incomplete.

You only showed 2 Statuses (Success and Stopped / Errored).


A Zap Run can be Filtered but still use 1+ Tasks, so you may want to do some more spot checking on those.

For example, if there was another Filter step in the Zap that is not step 2.


Zaps with Paths can go down multiple paths if the conditions match.


Check Zap Runs with a Status of Held, since those are not shown for your MTD analysis.


Zap Runs could have been deleted manually, which could skew how you interpret the Tasks.

A deleted Zap Run that used Tasks will still count towards your billing total.


Zapier Tasks work on a rolling 30 day billing cycle. (Some of your screenshots showed a Date range of MTD, which is not the full 30 day billing cycle.)


Help article about how Tasks are counted in Zaps (different than the link you previously provided):

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Hi Troy, thank you for your response, 
Note that right above I've filtered by all status but successfully. Did below only for errored just to show.
Here is the screenshot of all other status today (and bear in mind those are right now because I'm changing the zap to try to minimize use of tasks:

Yes, the filtered ones can have some tasks used like you've mentioned.
But it would be a few, it had to have the same number of the all other used tasks to surpass my quota, or just thinking about today, to reach 671. Paths are obligatory to be the last step, so there's no filtered WITH path run.
All held tasks were replayed (they were held because my quota reached the limite.
No task run was manually deleted.
Yes, indeed my cycle was on the middle (can be seen by the grey line) this would work in my favor, since the quota would be reseted and the total number of tasks (from the period I've selected) would be grater than my monthly quota, in other words, greatly exaggerated by some unknown circumstances.
The filtered runs have pages as eye can see as 0 tasks (will not post screenshoots here it would be very long). There's some with 1 or 2 tasks counting, but it would have to be, like I've said, the majority to have all those tasks being used.

Best regards,



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@Lucas Saldanha 

Unfortunately there isn’t a filter available to only show Zap Runs with 1+ Zap Runs, I think that’d be helpful in your case.


Paths are obligatory to be the last step, so there's no filtered WITH path run.

To clarify, Paths can have nested Paths down 3 levels, so it’s possible to have a Filtered Zap Run with a Path Run.

Help article:



There is also a Status of Playing that I haven’t seen in your screenshots, which Zaps could get stuck in.


Missing Tasks

I suspect there are an accumulation of 1 or 2 Tasks within the Filtered Zaps across the 384 pages.

384 Zap Runs x 10 Zap Runs per page =  3,840 Zap Runs

If 10% of the 3,840 Zap Runs had 2 Tasks used, then that’s 2 x 384 = 768 Tasks that aren’t being accounted for.


Your screenshots from TODAY don’t show the Filtered Zap Runs, which again, I suspect is where the wasted Tasks exists across the Filtered Zap Runs.



Based on your Task Usage, something seems to have changed on the 19th or volume dramatically increased on that date and thereafter.

You can filter the Task Usage by a Zap, which may help tell a better story about the Task usage over those days for a given Zap.

I would recommend look in more depth at each of those days individually.


We can only evaluate what info you provide us and are trying to offer ways for you to think about how to troubleshoot and analyze your data.


You are welcome to continue to take this up with Zapier Support:

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Hey friends! Just following up here. @Lucas Saldanha it looks like you were able to reach out to our support team and the issue ended up being a “Find” step in Booqable before the filter which used 1 task for over 100 Zaps. It appears you’ve since corrected that and our team confirmed that since that edit, none of your Zap runs have counted towards your usage for that Zap. 

If anything else comes up around this, feel free to reply to the thread you have open with our support team and they can help get things sorted out for you. 🙂

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Hi Jesse, thank you for your reply. Actually, like you've said, 100 tasks, which is tiny compared to the amount of tasks that is triggering and I'm not seeing. I've added that step in order to check what was going on, then deleted. Without proper searching I am unable to understand how a thousand+ tasks run and it's not on the success part. 


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Hey again @Lucas Saldanha!
If you still had more questions about usage, please feel free to reply to your ticket with our support team for any further questions on this task issue.  Our support team is able to check your account directly whereas our replies via the Forums are unable to refer to your Zap History directly.

I am sure we will be able to answer any remaining questions you may have about this topic.