Zap creates duplicate rows in Google Sheets instead of updating row when triggered by Smartsheet.

  • 29 August 2023
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I have a zap set up as- 

  1. Trigger: Smartsheets updated row
  2. Zapier Filter condition
  3. Lookup Spreadsheet row / create new row if not found
  4. Update spreadsheet Row / with the Custom set to ROW of the googlesheet in the lookup as the dynamic update- It use to be ROWID

The issue I am experiencing is that it keeps adding a row when there is a change in smartsheets and doesn’t make the update to the existing row in the Google sheet creating duplicate like entries.

When testing it works and updates that same row for the test.



1 reply

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Hi @ng67 

Good question.

Can you post screenshots with how each of your Zap steps are configured to give us full context?