Zap billing error: Invoice and payment amounts are mismatched

  • 17 August 2023
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Hi. Community, 

I am trying to pay for a plan upgrade and I am getting an error as follows:

Invoice and payment amounts are mismatched.

has anyone ever encountered such and resolved

5 replies

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Hi @Thabiso 

Good question.

Billing issues need to be serviced by Zapier Support:

I’m having the same issue - attempting to upgrade my account but I keep seeing the error: 'invoice and payment amounts are mismatched'.


I contacted support 2 days ago without response.  Can anyone help??

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Hi there @Thabiso and @play_creative! 👋

So sorry to hear of the issues in upgrading your accounts. As Troy mentioned reaching out to our Support team would be the best approach here.

That said, I’d also recommend double-checking the card and address details you’re using are correct. You can find out more about what troubleshooting payment failures here: What happens if my payment fails?

Hope that helps to get you both pointed in the right direction! 🙂



Did anyone manage to resolve this issue? I'm experiencing the exact same thing, and I've already tried changing several things in my profile, but it's still the same. I've raised a ticket, but I haven't received a response yet.



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Hi folks! 👋

@Thabiso - I’m not seeing any support tickets linked to your account, if you’re still experiencing issues please contact the Billing and Accounts department by selecting the Accounts, pricing and billing option from the bottom of the page here: They’ll be the best folks for assist on these kind of issues.

@play_creative and @spadatomas - it appears the Support team have since replied to both of your requests. If you have any follow-up questions on that at all it would be best to continue the conversation with them directly over email. 🙂