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Wrong file type error when uploading a file to OneDrive

  • 29 March 2023
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Hi All,


I’m having an issue with my zap created using Slack and Onedrive.


I’ve followed the tutorial for the workaround on how to extract attachments from human posts and save to my OneDrive folder.


However, the attachment saved it’s not saving as the correct filetype. In the action setup under File, which options do I map to? I’ve tried file type, files pretty type, mimetype. It says could not open, file format maybe incorrect. 

If anyone is able to provide guidance on this I really appreciate it!


Thank you,



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Hey @The JBT Agency, welcome to the Community! 

Ah, yes it doesn’t appear to state exactly which field you’d need to select in that Extracting a message attachment from Slack human messages guide.

But I did some testing in my own account and it looks like in the File field you’d want to select the Files 0 File field. This should contain the necessary file object (See Send files in Zaps to learn more).

Then for the File Name field, if it’s having trouble recognising the correct file type I’d suggest selecting the Files 0 Title field as that should contain the file name including its extension which should help OneDrive to recognise the file type.

For example:

Can you give that a try and let us know whether that sorts it?

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Hi @SamB,


Thank you! This was super helpful and worked.


File downloaded in the correct format and found the attachment.

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Yay! That’s fantasic news, @The JBT Agency. Thanks for letting us know, I’m so happy that worked as hoped! 😁🎉