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Wordpress is pointless. 2FA not working. Captcha not working.

  • 4 October 2022
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So what is the point of the wordpress plugin ?

It seems rediculous that you expect us to disable security features like 2FA and Captcha on ADMIN accounts just to post a message to a discord channel.

Zapier cannot connect to any website with 2FA and its not working with LoginWithAjax captcha


Best answer by christina.d 5 October 2022, 00:27

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Hey there, @Joebran - thanks so much for reaching out and sharing your feedback. 

I did some digging and can see you were able to reach out to my teammates in support. In case you hadn’t had an opportunity to review their response I wanted to share it here:

After digging into this, it looks like this isn't possible with the current setup of the Wordpress integration. The good news is others have requested this functionality as well and we have an open feature request with our team to get this working. I will put your name and email to the list of users to follow up with when the feature request has been implemented.

While we can’t offer an ETA on when this will be available, we’ll be sure to email you if that changes. We’ll also keep this topic updated as well. 

In the meantime, if possible are you able to email support a screenshot of the set-up of the page before you see this error? This will help the integration team immensely and allow them to look into this for you further. We truly appreciate your help with this!

All that being said, I can imagine this is probably disappointing news and I want you to know your thoughts are heard. We appreciate you raising this in community and taking the time to share your candid feedback.