Woocommerce to google sheets internal error

I’ve been running the same zap for two years to add line item order details from woocommerce to google sheets. Last night it stopped working. No changes were made to the zap and there was no update in woocommerce.

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Hey @19eighty Sorry to hear you’re running into some issues here, especially after that Zap has been working successfully for so long!

I see this error is from testing your action. Are there also errors within your Zap History? Those can often give us more information on why something may have been turned off.

If not, and we’re only working with the error in the test step, it would be helpful to do 3 things:

  1. Retest your Google Sheets connection:
  2. Make sure the correct spreadsheet/worksheet are selected
  3. Send over screenshots of how you have you have your action step congured for your Google Sheets step, being mindful to not include any PII in those

From there, we may be able to further understand and troubleshoot what’s happening here!

P.S. If you skip the tests, turn the Zap on from your dashboard, and then trigger the Zap, doesn’t anything come across to your Zap History? Does the Zap turn off again? Let us know!

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The two circled were the only ones that did not propagate on the sheet. All the other errored ones did.

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Hi @19eighty ! 

Thank you for sending those details. It looks like the worksheet can be found. Is it possible the original one was deleted, or has changed?

Please clear both the selected spreadsheet and worksheet in the Zap, and then re-select them -- this should ensure the Zap sends the requests to the correct ones.

Let us know if it works 🙂

@Daniela_Paulo I’ve already tried that. I also tried backing the spreadsheet up to a previous version when it was working correctly. 

The issue is resolved it seems it may have been an issue within Zapier as it started working as abruptly as it stopped again not related to any changes we made. 

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Hi @19eighty , thank you for getting back to us. I’m glad to hear it is working now!

If this happens again and re-selecting the spreadsheet and worksheet doesn’t fix it please reach out to our Support team through our contact form:

They’ll be able to help with it.


Happy Zapping!