WooCommerce payment will not process on "Create Order"

  • 12 July 2023
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I currently have a Zap to trigger on specific payments made on our products housed in stripe. These products are products of a third party we partner with. The third party uses Woo Commerce and we are able to create an order within Woo Commerce for them to see and fulfill the order for us. We are being paid when a customer fills out our stripe link but the third party does not get paid for the product when the order is created through woo commerce. The order goes through with the desired price it should cost (hardcoded into the zap) but they are not receiving payment on their books.


Is there a step within the create order action within woo commerce to provide payment information for a charge to be made. An alternate solution would be to run another action after the order is placed to charge our account or our business card to them but we are not sure how to do this. Does anyone know of a solution to this issue either through the existing “Create Order” action at the end of the zap with Woo Commerce, or some separate method we can set a payment to them to go through for the retail rate they are charging us for their products?


If you have a solution could you please email me direct at as I do not receive notifications for this email anymore. Thank you all in advance!

1 reply

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Hi there @Xelik, hope you’re having a great day! 🙂

I don’t think it’s going to be possible to do it via the WooCommerce Create Order action. And I’m not seeing any actions currently available for Stripe that would allow you to make a payment from your account to the third party fulfilment partner. So I’d recommend contacting our Support Team to request that a feature request be opened up to have a “Create Payout” type of action added to the Stripe app. You can contact them here:

In the meantime, the Stripe app has a API Request (beta) action which I’m thinking you could potentially use to make a POST request to Stripe’s API that would make the payment to the fulfilment partner.

It’s a bit more advanced than the other actions the Stripe app has, so if you’re not too familiar with using webhooks and API documentation this may not be an ideal solution. But if it’s something you’d like to explore further I’d recommend referencing the following guides in order to get that set up:

Please do report back here to let us know how you get on, would love to know whether you give that a try and manage to get it working!