Wix form submission to Excel add row Zap works in testing but not when published

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I am having the same issue, but from Wix form submission to Excel add row. Testing works, but after publishing it does not, and zap history shows nothing. I have disconnected and reconnected and recreated and tried everything listed above. Please advise.

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Hi @MM22 

A possible workaround is to use Webhooks in Wix Automations:

Zap trigger: Webhook - Catch Hook

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Welcome to the Community @MM22! 🎉

Hope you don’t mind but we’ve moved your post out into it’s own topic since you’re running into a similar issue but it’s with different apps than the ones mentioned in the previous thread.

Were you able to get it working as per Troy’s suggestion of using Webhooks by Zapier as the trigger instead? 

Happy to help if you’re still stuck at all - just let us know! 🙂