Wix Form Files Upload Button Sending to ClickUp as Text

  • 25 August 2023
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We have a Wix website using Wix forms and the issue is with one of the fields in Wix forms. We are using a File Upload button and so the problem is that when we send the file the user submits on our website, it comes out as a text file (.TXT) of the files name and not the actual file.


Screenshot of Zap:


8 replies

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HI @Joe Sparks 

Good question.

To help us have enough context, please post detailed screenshots with how each of your Zap steps are configured.

Steps 2 and 3 are not part of the problem. Step 1 is the Wix automation that is triggered and sends to zapier everytime the form is submitted (I screenshotted this aswell).



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@Joe Sparks 

Can yo show screenshots for the DATA OUT from the Zap trigger.

Help article about using files in Zaps:

The File field likely only accepts 1 file.

The File field expects a file object or a file URL.

The 3 mapped variables are not file objects or file URLs.

Plus, the way you have the 3 variables mapped would create 1 long concatenated value.



We took out 2 of the files and only used 1 file. It still did the same thing, came into ClickUp as a text file (.TXT).

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@Joe Sparks 

None of the values shown in the screenshots are a file object or a file URL.

You may have to try using a different Wix Automation Action: Send via Webhook

Zap trigger: Webhook - Catch Hook

This will generate a unique webhook URL to configure in the Wix Automation action.

If the file is not provided by Wix Automations, then you may have to reach out to Wix Support for guidance.


We have tried using webhooks, it still came thru as text (.TXT file). We are actively talking with Wix Support in regards to this issue.

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@Joe Sparks 

I can confirm that using these values in the File field will result in .TXT files, because those are not file objects or file URLs.