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Why the "testing" Zap doesn't appear in Zapier Chrome Extension when testing my new push trigger?

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Please help me to understand.

I would like to create a new zap with a New Push in Zapier Chrome extension. My Zapier extension is installed. When I am ready to test my trigger, I open a LinkedIn page, click on the Zapier Chrome Extension but the “testing Zap” is not visible… Without testing my new Trigger, I can’t set up my Zap correctly.


Thanks for your help !


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Hi there @LaurentDB,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Before we go any further, I just wanted to check - have you had a chance to check out our Community post about using the Zapier Chrome Extension? It's a really helpful guide that goes into detail about how to use it. You can find it here:

Please give that a read, and let me know how it goes! 😊

Thanks @ken.a for your response. 

I probably checked all online information and I am still blocked. 

When I create a Zap and use the Chrome Extension as Trigger, I need to test the trigger of course:



So, I open the Zapier Chrome Extension on another page (like LinkedIn, but same situation in any webpages), but as you can see below, there is no “Testing Zap” in the extension.



A Push is found but the only information sent back to Zapier is the following:


As you can imagine, this is not helpful to receive Zapier URL and title.

Please let me know if you have any idea how to fix that !



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Hey there, @LaurentDB! Thanks for sharing those extra details!

I did some digging and it appears you're running into a know bug with the Zapier Chrome extension where as you mentioned it’s no longer pulling in real samples. I've added you as an affected user to the bug report. While I don't have an ETA on a fix, this is the best way to stay informed as it ensures you'll be emailed at that time! 

We'll also be sure to keep the main thread updated with any available workarounds or news. 👇🏽:

In an effort to streamline communication I'll be closing this thread. If you'd like community status updates I'd recommend subscribing to that thread. 

Sorry to not have better news but we appreciate you raising this in community!