Why is last edit column often wrong?

  • 6 June 2024
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The last edit column often shows recent edits to zaps I know I haven’t touched in a long time and I’m the only user on the account. I’ve even double-checked the change history in the zap to make sure. I’m curious what is updating the last edit status (maybe an update to an integration being used). It does make the column unreliable and useless for me. Not a big deal requiring an immediate fix for me, but something Zapier should look at fixing.

I’m sure it’s not just me. I feel like this guy tried to bring it up:

but the conversation went nowhere after he was told to double check the change history. I imagine he just didn’t respond because he had better things to do and his zaps were working like they should. 

1 reply

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Hi there @Hugaluga 👋 

That is very strange. It could well be that there was an automatic upgrade for one of the apps those Zaps are using that caused the Last edit date to be updated. But I’d recommend reaching out the the Support team to confirm for certain. They’ll be able to dig into the logs for those Zaps to identify what changes took place. You can get in touch with them here:

Please do keep us in the loop on what they find, keen to know whether it was just an app update that changed the date!