Why does the sales receipt amount in QuickBooks become zero when including Stripe processing fee?

  • 13 November 2023
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I am trying to create a sales receipt that shows the gross payment for a donation minus the Stripe processing fee.

If I input just the gross payment, it will go to Quickbooks correctly. However, the amounts go to zero when a create the amount minus the processing fee. What am I doing wrong?


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3 replies

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Hi @Jeri 

Good question.

One thing to fix would be to remove extra whitespaces (leading/trailing spaces) spaces, such as before the first mapped variable and before commas.


Thank you for your response. Zapier will not let me reduce the space. I’ve tried. It moves the Charge Balance Transaction Fee to the next line (I think so that it can fit in the box). Do you know how I can do it? Or, is it possible to make the Charge Balance Transaction Fee shorted to Fee?

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It appears there is a space before the Amount mapped variable, and after the Amount mapped variable and before the comma.

Try removing those space.