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Why does my Zap not populate DocuSign tabs?

  • 10 August 2023
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Hello, I have a zap that takes data from Zendesk Sell, and is meant to populate specific tabs in DocuSign. (address, name, etc.) The tabs show up as data fields in Zapier, but when I test the action, the data does not show up in DocuSign. Is there a way to resolve this? Is it something to do with the signing order? Do I need to put together a webhook or something similar?

Thank you for your help


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12 replies

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Hi @Nate Anderson 

Good question.

We would need to see screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.

Hi @Troy Tessalone 

Here are some pictures that show the basics. I have edited them such that it does not include actual information, and only the field name. Also, please ignore the paths that are not completed yet. I am only focusing on one right now so that I can make sure everything works. 

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@Nate Anderson 

The attachments did not upload.


That’s strange. Let me try again


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@Nate Anderson 

Can you provide proof that the DocuSign template is not being populated?

When testing the DocuSign step in the Zap, it will return an Envelope ID.

You can check that in DocuSign.


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@Nate Anderson 

It’s hard to tell whether the mapped variables in the Zap step have values or not because you’ve whited them out.

It’s hard to tell whether the generated DocuSign fields have values or not because you’ve whited them out.


Guessing SiteAddress would go to the Site Installation Address field.

Unclear which Zap field is being used for the Customer field.

Check to make sure the field settings aren’t prohibiting these from being prefilled.


What you are seeing in the picture from DocuSign is the blank field where the information is supposed to be filled. That was not whited out at all. The screenshot from Zapier is whited out as it contains private information, but in practice, it would contain address, name, email, etc.

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Hi there @Nate Anderson,

I did some digging into this, and it looks like you’re running into a known bug with the DocuSign integration where fields are not populating when creating a new signature request. Our team is aware of the issue and we're working with DocuSign on a fix. I've added your email address as another affected user. That does a few things:

  • Bring this to the attention of the integration developers
  • Help track and prioritize fixes
  • Allows us to notify you via email if/when this is fixed

Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA, but I’ve added you to the list of users affected by this issue so we can let you know as soon as we have any updates.

Thank you for your understanding.

I am having the same issue. Fields are not populating on docusign when creating a new signature request.

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Thanks for letting us know that you’re being affected here too, @rohitb. I’ve gone ahead and added you to the list of users being impacted by this. While we can’t make any promises around when this might be fixed by you’ll definitely get an email notification from us as soon as it’s resolved. 

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Hey folks!

Just wanted to circle back in here to share that the bug was since closed! 😁

Here’s the key information from the email notification about the bug report closure in case it was missed:

“I wanted to let you know that the Docusign team recently replaced the "Create Signature Request" action with two new actions to send Envelopes using a document or template in their Zapier integration:

I’m reaching out because you were an ‘Affected User’ on an issue regarding fields not populating when creating a signature request via Zapier, and wanted to let you know to try upgrading to one of the new actions if you're still facing issues with missing fields on the now legacy "Create Signature Request" action.”

If you run into any issues when using the “Send Envelope Using Document” or “Send Envelope Using Template” actions please do reach out in the Community to let us know. In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡