While requesting "dev_method" from OneDrive we ran into an error

  • 29 February 2024
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My Error

Error message: While requesting "dev_method" from OneDrive we ran into an error: Error: Runtime exited with error: signal: killed


What I’ve tried

Set folder to private / public

Set public link to view / edit

Deleted one drive folder and recreated


Everything fails…

I want to purchase more tasks from Zapier but if this simple task doesn’t work… idk


The goal of this Zap

New File in OneDrive

Upload File to Metricool Autolist


The part that is failing is the accessing of the file…

I can access the file from incognito so I know the file can be seen by Metricool / Zap

I don’t know what else to do...


8 replies

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Hi @SomeDudeThatNeedsHelp 

To give us more context, post screenshots with how this Zap step is configured along with the encountered error.






2 Steps


Very Simple Logic


Not sure whats wrong...

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Help articles to reference for possible guidance about using OneDrive in Zaps:

… Yeah that doesn’t answer why this is happening


Ive read all that


This is the error


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Check your OneDrive Zap app connection here:

You can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support: