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What will be the Path for Firebase Real Time Database for Trigger as each path is saying unable to pull records - 404 not found?

  • 18 August 2023
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I’m trying to set up connection to my Firebase Realtime DB but I’m confused with what is required:


Specify the path to the object's key where the fields will be created, such as foo/bar/here.


Can someone explain a little but what it actually wants in the case below where I am interested in the user email in each record?




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Hi @Fsl 

Good question.


Directory-like pattern for the location of a resource.


Related topic:


Error: Empty key in "Path to data".
Probably tried to use a field which was empty as part of the path

Make sure you remove the beginning and ending / from the Path field.

For example, /customers/new/ becomes customers/new.

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Can you specify the correct path according to the database structure I sent to get useremail of every new user entry?

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Hi @Fsl, welcome to the Community! 👋

I could be wrong but I think you’d just need to set the path to be football data with no trailing slash - since it looks like that’s what contains the child objects/documents that you’d want the Zap to query. Then, when a new child object/document is added into the football data collection, it’s data (including the useremail value) should be sent over to the Zap.

Can you try updating the Path field to just contain the words “football data (with no trailing slash) and let us know whether you’re then able to pull in a test record as hoped? 

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It is still the same after this path. Screenshots attached.


Test Result



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Sorry to hear you’re now running into a 404 error here, @Fsl.  

I did some checking and it looks like we’ll sometimes see a 404 when the account connection to Firebase/Firestore was added with the Project ID and it needs to use the RTDB (Realtime Database) Project ID instead. 
Can you reconnect your app account and use the projectId in the following format: projectId-default-rtdb. For example, if your projectId was project123 you’d use: project123-default-rtdb
After it’s reconnected with the RTDB Project ID, could you try pulling in a new test record and confirm whether that works?

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Thank you
It worked for me

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Yay! 😁🎉 I’m so pleased that did the trick @Fsl! Seems like you’re probably all set for now, but if you run into further issues or questions please do reach back out to the Community. We’re always happy to help!