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What event do I use as a trigger?

  • 28 November 2022
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I’m having trouble with the limited number of trigger options in 

Here is what I wish to achieve;

Engineer is on a customer site, they use the Monday app to report details of a visit (not a form or it cannot link to the list of live customers).

An item is created in board, new visit or whatever.  It shows who the engineers were, dates, arrival time and details of what they did

That then creates a Docusign email, with details of the visit (although I can only seem to include the variables in the Docusign email rather than the actual document they sign!! although thats probs best on another thread). This docusign is sent to the manager on site, so they dont have to sign on the engineers device.

A line is also added to a onedrive excel file, im not sure what im going to do with this but it seems a sensible thing to play with for future automation.

So, ALL of this works well.  My only issue is, what event to use as a trigger.  Initially, Item created seemed sensible, but this will mean it Zaps when the item is created BEFORE the engineer can add the details.  I then decided to have an Ongoing Visit board, then when they finish they change the status and it gets moved to a new board, but Zapier will not recognise that as a new item as its ‘moved’ and the zap wont trigger.  So, I added an automation to create a new item in the visit board, copyting the contents and it causes the trigger but will not copy across half of the columns….no good.

I am wondering if there is some way to send webhooks or whatever based on the circumstances I choose, rather than the limited list of pre-built triggers that Zapier have available for  I’m hoping this is a face palm noob question rather than the time I realise this isnt necessarily going to solve all our development issues.



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ok, I was right in my last paragraph and this was easily resolved with filters!  Zapier 101 very helpful.

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Hi there @tedwardian - just wanted to say glad you got where you needed to go with Filters! We all have those moments (I have plenty to this day 😓). I’ll go ahead and mark your comment as the best answer in case folks come across this thread in the future. 

And in case anyone wants to check out our amazing Zapier learning content, linking here as well: