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What is this record?

  • 15 January 2023
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I am putting filters in Zapier.

The filter which reads approved then matches with “approved yes” this is good.

However below you will se e VC or start up. I was expecting to see “VC or Startup” followed by either VC or startup dependant upon what is in airtable

What is this record? reck3ucEUwPi9jMGb





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4 replies

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Morning @Sam Perry!

What you’re seeing there is the Airtable record id (more info here: It represents the overall row in your Airtable base and can be useful sometimes if you’re trying to update a record, search for a record, etc.

Without digging into your Zap myself, I am theorizing the issue might be how you have “VC or Start Up” formatted in Airtable. What is the field set to? Checkbox? Dropdown? Linked field? Linked field would be the most likely cause of seeing the record id.

Let us know what you find out and we’ll keep figuring it out with you. :)


Hello @Jillian 


Thank you for coming back to me, you are correct ist the linked field that is the issue.

Ive came up with a work around, maybe there is a better way?

Instead of a drop down with multiple choice in linked field, i made x2 separate columns with “single select”, 1 for each option that would of bee in the linked field.


Seems to have worked




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Hey @Sam Perry.

Your workaround is what I would have done, so I’d run with that for now.

Might be worth asking in the Airtable Community if there’s an even cleaner way of approaching it since they’d have way more Airtable specific knowledge than us Zapiens do!

Glad you’re up and working now!

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Hey @Sam Perry! Just popping in here to let you know I replied to your other topic with some suggestions on how you could accomplish this. 🙂