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Webflow - Zoom form "We Couldn't find a submission"

  • 14 September 2022
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Hi there,


I’m setting up a new Zap (first time user) for between Webflow and Zoom Webinars: The trigger is that when a form is submitted, a new webinar registrant is submitted in Zoom. However, in the first step, we get this error message: “we couldn't find a submission. Create a submission in your webflow account and test your trigger again”

However, we actually do have 3 submissions:

It does seem to work with all other forms, while these forms do not differ in settings from others. Does it take time for Zapier to actually note the subscriptions? Because the form did show up in the list of forms to choose. Or could there be another problem?


Hope to get your advice!





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Hi @Gerbrand! Welcome to Zapier!

It can sometimes be tricky to get a sample for certain triggers because they will be looking for a new submission to arrive at the time that you are testing the trigger. 

The Webflow New Form trigger is an instant trigger, so you’ll need to create a new item immediately before testing your trigger. Instant triggers will search for new data for 3 minutes. If a new item isn’t created in that time, the trigger test will fail.

To test instant triggers:

  1. Open a new browser tab or window. Prepare a new item in your trigger app, but don’t save or submit the item yet.
  2. Return to the Zap editor and click to open the Test trigger section.
  3. Click Test trigger.
  4. Go back to the tab or window with the item you prepared in your trigger app and click to save or submit the item.

Give that a go and let us know how you get on 🙂

Dear @Danvers ,


Thank you for your response! Just to be sure: what you are describing is with the ‘Test Zap’ step, am I right? I am actually stuck with the first step: connecting to Webflow!




Dear @Danvers,


It worked. The answer was actually pretty simple: the title had a “/” in the title. After removing this symbol, I could proceed. Perhaps good to include that in the troubleshooter! :)