View Names of Zap Steps in Zap Run History (for troubleshooting)

  • 19 May 2023
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I think this is a Feature Request

I’ve been running into this problem for ever and I thought the shiny new Zapier Community was a good time to finally bring it up. 

I troubleshoot a lot.  You see my Zaps don’t always work great because I really take a ‘try it and see’ approach.  So I spend a lot of time viewing Run History, looking for steps where my processes failed.  Because failure and troubleshooting are core parts of my flow.

When troubleshooting a failed zap, all you see is the type of action “e.g. Found new row in google sheets”.  But you don’t see the title of the Zap.  The title of the Zap is basically my documentation, so seeing it helps a lot.  I have 7 steps in a row that say ‘found a new row in google sheets’.  It really helps me to know what I was trying to accomplish with the particular step that failed -- I already take the time to write helpful Step Titles; all I need is to see those when I’m troubleshooting. 

To keep with this Sheets example: It’s cool that I know this was a Google Sheets lookup step.  But which one?  I have a bunch and they look at different sheets for different reasons with different inputs.  


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Hi @jbartol 

I agree and have previously submitted a feature request for this.

Please make sure to submit feature requests via a ticket to Zapier Support for them to be properly logged: