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Using Google sheets to track status and send automated emails using Gmail but running into "too much data sent" issue.

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Trigger App: Google Sheets
Trigger event: When a new row is added or existed row is updated

Action App: Gmail
Action Event: Send template email

Usecase: I have a google sheet where I house contact names, numbers, and emails (~1200 rows). Once I manually check a checkbox on the same row, their contact record is populated on another worksheet using the Query formula. =IFNA(QUERY('Sheetname'!A53:C53,"select A,B where C=True",0), ""). This new worksheet is used in a zap where updated rows are used to send emails to our customers. If a checkbox is checked for column denied, then that contact will appear in denied worksheet and a denied email will be sent to the client. Screenshot attached.

Issue: Lately we have been running into all our tasks being held because “Too much data sent” by google sheet. To me, it seems like because google sheet formulas are periodically updated, the formula above updates all rows even if there is nothing to update and all 1200 rows are sent to Zapier.

Any feedback / solutions are appreciated.


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Hi @YashB -

Thank you for the full description and proactive approach with the screenshots, that helps a ton! I do believe there may be two issues here, also referenced in our help doc Common Problems with Google Sheets

  1. There have been changes made to the columns while the Zap is on
  2. Formulas can make Google Sheets Zaps do weird things 😒 

If you have any questions after giving the article a glance over, feel free to hop back over and we can continue on with troubleshooting! 

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There was not a lot of information about how formulas affect Google sheet triggers on the article. I saw another article that mentioned how google sheet runs all formulae on sheet periodically, which is making me believe that is the reason all 1200 rows are being updated and sent over to Zapier together.

I was able to find a work around that would not use formulas at all so all data should remain static until manual update of the sheet. Workaround: Set the trigger column to be the denied column instead of populating the information into a different worksheet.

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Thank you for coming back and sharing what ended up working for you! I will add this to my “book of knowledge” to help others troubleshoot in the future! 😄