Upload video in YouTube error: Failed to get a response Error 400

  • 21 February 2023
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I am trying to set up a zap that trigger a new file on Google Drive and upload it to youtube.

I have set up the zap, i have tested it, but when it comes to run it say : Failed to get a response Error 400.

I have settled the zap correctly. I have run all the tests and they work.

Tested the upload and get the right return of the sample test.

Any idea what i am doing wrong?


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1 reply

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Welcome to the Community, @nickmessina!

It looks like you’re uploading MP4 files to YouTube. Was the file that errored also an MP4? 

Asking as I know we can run into 400 errors when MP4 they aren’t formatted according to YouTube’s specifications. They recommend using H.264 video and AAC audio. You can see YouTube's full list of recommended encoding settings here:

If the MP4 file doesn’t match their recommendations, can you try uploading a video that does? That’ll confirm whether it was definitely the encoding settings that caused the error. Looking forward to your reply!