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"Unknow error" while mapping Webflow form fields

  • 29 August 2022
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I’m getting an issue while setting up a Webflow Forms to Gmail Zap. Basically trying to set up an automated email send out from Gmail using the data provided by the Webflow form as soon as it’s filled in.

For some reason some forms are not being detected by Zapier despite each form being set up exactly the same way on Webflow (apart from different Form IDs for naming reasons). The only error message I’m getting is “Error while retrieving: The app returned "UnknownError: Unknown Error Occurred".”, with the proposed solution simply being “Check that your fields are correctly set up and mapped to each other.” I also checked the “Zapier common problems” support article, but the “Unknown Error” message is not adressed.

I’ve already double checked that the forms not functioning with Zapier have at least one entry in the form answers, also checked on Webflow that the Form ID doesn’t contain any letters with accents (such as é, è, ê or à).

Since the official support documentation isn’t of much use regarding the error message I received, does anyone have any tips or guidelines on how to avoid mapping issues when connecting Webflow to Zapier ? 

Thank you in advance


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Hi @pbstck ,


Do I understand correctly that you have several forms in Webflow? Where is the error showing exactly? Im guessing in the Action part not the Trigger ? 


If so, this is because you technically mapped one of the forms, each form will have a unique field (even if the name is the same) and therefore you need to have Paths or a Lookup step to be able to map all forms. 


In case Im wrong, please screenshot the error so we can see in which step it is happening. 

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Hi @MohSwellam,


Just managed to solve it on my own a couple minutes ago : apparently Zapier doesn’t handle certain characters such as punctuation signs) in the Webflow Form ID, which causes Zapier to be unable to retrieve form entries despite detecting the form as existent within the Webflow project (thus prompting the “Unknown Error” message instead of the more usual error codes)

I created two new forms identical to those for which Zapier was not detecting entries, removed the puncuation marks from the Form ID (in this case, “?” as the Form ID matched the title of the whitepapers for which we needed the forms), and everything worked fine afterwards.


Thank you for your help nonetheless,


Dorian from Pubstack

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@pbstck thank you SO much for coming back to this thread to let us know what the issue ended up being and how you were able to work around it. Really glad you were able to solve this one! 🙏😅