Unable to use a guest Slack account to post on a channel when new releases are on RSS Feed.

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I want to check github releases, and notify to slack when a new one appears.

In order to do this, I need to use an rss feed (because github integration doesn’t read public repos).
Once I manage to follow the repo, I need that a specific user (slack guest with access to the notification channel), but I can get that user to stablish a connection.

Zappier requires for the user to be able to install the app, which seems nonsensical, cause the app is already installed and I only need that the connection  validates that I can post to the channel I need.
For the most part the app seems to do what  we need, but the permission structure doesn’t seem to work as intended.
The other issue I find, is that in order to get support to evaluate the factibillity of the project, there is no way to do it, only geta payed account to reach support, in order to see if the app will do what I need, in the way I need it.

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Hey there @juanito - sorry to hear you are running into a few problems with your Zap, we here in the Community are happy to troubleshoot what you might be seeing.


To start, it’s helpful if you can share with us the Zap you have built so far, so we can see where you are running into issues (with any personal info removed/blurred!). Here is our getting started with GitHub which walks through some best practices for you to look over as well:


Looking forward to hearing from you- Rachael

The issue is not with github per se. The github release trigger didn’t do what I needed so I end up using zapier rss. I would hav3e expected for the github trigger to be able to access any public repo, but there with rss i can achieve the same.
The issue is that as an action, I want to post to a slack channel.

In order to do that, I need to connect to a slack account.

The slack account I’m trying to use is a guest account that can write to the target channel.

Because it’s a guest account zapier complains about the account lacking necessary permission to install the app, but I did install the app in our slack already.

I really don’t get why zapier complains about that.

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Hi there, @juanito! 👋

Thanks for clarifying that for us. Ah, yes looking at the help docs for the Slack app it seems that guest accounts wouldn’t have the required permissions: About Slack's app

Do you yourself have full access to the Slack workspace or do you only have guest access?

If you have full access is it that you don’t want to give Zapier full access, and limit it to a specific channel? If so, there is a way to post a message to a channel using a Webhooks by Zapier action instead but I don’t think the permissions would be limited to a specific channel. It’s a bit more advanced to set up but it may help to get past that permissions error you’re seeing. See this related topic for details on how to set up the webhook:  

Do you think that approach could work or do you only have guest access to the channel? In which case, you might need to get in touch with the Slack workspace’s admin to request higher permissions for the account.

Hopefully the above information is helpful. Please do keep us in the loop on how you get on with this!